Machinists State Councils Back in Action

Oct 28, 2021 | Politics & Legislative News

A few Machinists State Council meetings were held across different territories over the past month.  Machinists State Councils are located across the country, in cities and states where Machinists are represented. The Machinists State Councils help fight for legislation that is good for working people.

Legislation enacted and decisions made by elected officials impact our work lives and the ability of our union to fight for better pay and benefits for our families.

In the past few weeks, the Machinists State Councils that gathered in their respective states were Georgia, Indiana, Michigan, Alabama, Tennessee, Nebraska, Colorado, and Florida State Councils.

Members of the councils meet to swear in new officers and discuss some of the most pressing legislative and political issues facing IAM members in their states.

The photo gallery contains photos from Machinists State Councils around the IAM.

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