IAM Mourns Passing of Retired Legislative and Political Action Director William Holayter

Sep 21, 2023 | Politics & Legislative News

Few figures in the labor movement and politics have left a lasting impression as much as William “Bill” Holayter, retired IAM Legislative and Political Director. Born in 1931 in the union stronghold of East Chicago, Ind., Holayter’s journey through life was deeply influenced by the values of hard work, solidarity and activism. As the IAM mourns his recent passing, we celebrate his remarkable life and profound impact on the IAM, the labor movement and American politics.

Growing up, he witnessed the power of organized labor firsthand. His father, a skilled carpenter, had emigrated from Hungary to the United States, seeking a better life and the promise of the American Dream. This early exposure to his father’s work ethic and immigrant background instilled in Holayter a deep respect for the values of hard work and opportunity that America represented.

At age 16, his family relocated to California due to growing environmental pollution concerns in East Chicago. This move marked a significant turning point in his life, setting the stage for his future endeavors on the West Coast.

After graduating high school, Holayter enlisted in the Navy and answered the call of duty. Following his military service, Holayter embarked on a career as a journeyman machinist. His skills and dedication quickly led him to the doors of Hiller Helicopters, where he joined the IAM. Within a year, he was elected as a shop steward, marking the beginning of his journey into union leadership.

Holayter’s commitment to the labor movement was unwavering. He later joined Westinghouse, continuing to rise through the union ranks. As an assistant chief steward, he became a shop steward and business agent, representing and fighting for workers’ rights in an increasingly challenging industrial landscape.

In 1969, Holayter made a pivotal move to Washington, D.C., to serve as the assistant political director of the IAM. In 1972, he ascended to the role of political director, where he played a pivotal role in shaping the union’s political agenda. Holayter’s tireless work extended beyond the walls of the union hall as he worked on various political campaigns, supporting candidates like Nancy Pelosi and George McGovern. He led the IAM’s endorsement of Joe Biden’s first run for United States Senate in 1972. The IAM was the first union to endorse Biden for Senate. 

In 1992, he retired from his role as the IAM’s political director, but his dedication to the cause didn’t waver. He remained active with the Machinists’ Retiree Program, advocating for the rights and well-being of retired union members.

“In the history of the labor movement, Bill’s contribution was marked by strong dedication, relentless effort, and a strong commitment to justice,” said IAM International President Robert Martinez Jr. “His memory lights the way for future generations of union members and political supporters. As we grieve his loss, we honor the lasting impact he had on the IAM, the labor movement, and American politics.”“Bill Hoylater was a giant in the labor movement,” said IAM Legislative and Political Director Hasan Solomon. “He was a powerful voice for the Machinists Union and working families for many years on Capital Hill. It’s because of the relationships that he built and doors of power that he opened that to this day we have a seat at the table.” 

Bill’s legacy will continue to inspire generations of union members and political advocates, reminding us of the power of dedication, hard work, and the pursuit of justice.


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